Construction specializes in the construction of residential and commercial projects in IRAQ and the wider Syria region. We are extremely focused on the delivery of our construction projects. Contract is very flexible in dealing with client requirements.

Every construction project is unique.  Clients, consultants, occupants, supply chain and authorities form part of a team that is always specifically assembled for each new project.   The Contract Construction team enjoys working with people and thrives on resolving any challenges on its construction projects.  The Team at Contract think outside the box and go the extra mile for their clients.   We are proactive, forthcoming and supportive. 

Management Structure

Contract Construction has an experienced management team and direct employ a large number of qualified trades people ensuring your building project is delivered to the highest standard.  We are flexible in our project management approach which we tailor to suit our client specific requirements.  We have a very flat hierarchy with the General Manager and Company Directors being accessible to the construction team and their clients.

Every Contract Construction project is allocated a dedicated delivery team including a Construction Manager, Site Manager and Quantity Surveyor.  The nominated delivery team is supported by our General Manager, Business Development Manager, and Health and Safety Manager.

We nominate the appropriate team for each project based on complexity, and understanding the interpersonal relationships that need to be maintained for an effective outcome.  With 4 Construction Managers, 6 Quantity Surveyors and 16 Site Managers on staff, we have a solid workforce to draw from.


Contract Construction has a construction workforce of over 60 trade qualified carpenters with Iraqi government, supported by an experienced construction management and administration team.  The skill set of our Commercial, Residential, Interior and Maintenance construction teams is such that they can be transferred within the company to meet the changing demands of our project workload.  Construction teams are provided with modern, up to date tools and equipment for improved productivity and quality workmanship.  Our loyal network of subcontractors and suppliers is able to respond quickly to meet construction deadlines.